Email Service Improvements to Emal R&D

August 22, 2021 By Admingalak Off

Emal International is a Taiwan-based company listed in the Pink File with a headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan. The company is mainly involved in the supply, development and manufacture of high-quality mechanical engineering equipment for industries ranging from aerospace and defence to chemical and construction. The company was established by the merger of two companies, namely Technical Systems Corporation and Acumen Technology Limited. The first company was dissolved in 1998 and the second became involved in the manufacture of cranes in Taiwan.


The contract manufacturer is dedicated to providing custom-designed, high-quality, fully functional, state-of-the-art automatic instruments for a wide range of applications in all industries. The company has continued to develop its own cutting-edge technology and brands such as Lady Lutes, Black Phoenix, Cougar, and Hammered Windlass. The contract manufacturer also manufactures other popular items such as scalloped ladders, scalloped crates, bucket truck drums and scissor lift forks for lifting purposes, which are indispensable in numerous applications. The Lady Lutes product line includes both Ladies Tourmaline Singing Bowl and Lady Titanium Singing Bowl, each of which is engineered with precision-engineered parts and are suitable for use in demanding environments.

Earlier this month, Hammered Windlass, one of the major competitors in the market, launched the new R-Pod system, which has been developed with the collaboration of Hammered Windlass and Emal to produce an extremely strong, lightweight windlass that is ideal for use in applications where robustness and reliability are of paramount importance. The R-Pod offers the industry-leading performance of a traditional metal windlass, with added benefits of high-speed operation, extended service life, reduced maintenance cost, and excellent dimensional stability. During its launch, Emal President, Mr. S. Kamal Amrohi, who is also the owner and founder of Emal International, stated that “Emeal’s R-Pod series is a significant improvement over our prior models and will enable us to deliver uncompromised reliability and superior value to our customers.” Mr. Amrohi went on to say, “Emeal’s R-Pod series represents the next great leap forward for our company’s growth and customer satisfaction… We’re delighted to partner with our established partner, Emal, to provide another example of how we use our relationship to build upon our strengths and extend our reach.”

In its effort to provide the best possible solution to their customers, Emal constantly monitors the market, particularly the lucrative secondary market, to see what new innovations and improvements may be introduced into their product line. Mr. Kamal added, “As an experienced manufacturer of wind and energy-efficient instruments, we are always looking for ways to streamline our operations while enhancing our customer service to our customers. In the case of email, this means refining our design to eliminate any possibility for confusion as well as addressing any potential signal interference issues that may arise in our operations. We do our best to maintain consistent pricing, service, and support for all of our customers. In fact, we believe that Emal R-Pod has the most industry-leading features available…”

The latest innovation by Emal, however, is called Emeal Instant Messaging. With Emeal Instant Messaging, any user can send and receive messages from their personal desktop or email account with the simple click of a button. This makes it possible to not only stay connected to your business but also to stay connected to your family. If your business utilizes email as a communication tool, or if you rely on emails for personal communication, E Meal will allow you to ensure that your message will arrive as quickly as possible and that it will contain a unique sender address and unique subject line so that no one else will receive the same message as you. In addition to this, many other upgrades have been made over the last several years, including enhanced messaging options, error-free delivery and even a “destruct” function which allows a message to be sent to the recipient after it has been received and they have chosen to accept it.

These are the two newest innovations in email services, both in terms of functionality and convenience. Another exciting upgrade to Emal’s service is their new widget called Mailbox Pro. This widget takes a bit of information about your company and automatically inserts it into the desktop, Gmail, and Yahoo mail accounts. The widget also includes direct access to all the major email services and can help companies streamline their communications and make more efficient use of their network resources.