Emal Cargoes For All Your Shipping Needs

October 14, 2021 By Admingalak Off

Emal is a leading commercial Cargo Shipping company in the Middle East. They are an important part of the Turkish-European trade, due to their wide range of sea freight services. The signed agreement details all the transport logistics and handling operations for the delivered goods from Emal port to the port of Khalifa and onward freight facility at the Dubai airport. The full name of this shipping line is “Emilia Emilia International”. The main commercial cargo ships are the Vinda, the Oberon, the Pegasus, the Admiral, the Azurie and the Costa.


Most of these ships are built in the Mediterranean Sea with the help of Italian shipyards. They also have the support of Spanish, Portuguese and Greek shipyards. The major carriers sail to or from the ports of Livonia, Cephalonia, Ragusa, Trajans, Tirana, Malaga, Alicante, Lisbon and Genoa. These carriers can carry heavy cargoes as well as general cargoes.

Container Shipment – This type of shipping is used for the transportation of bulky and big cargoes. They are generally used to transport non perishables like cement, metal, iron, oil and timber. These containers are strong and constructed out of aluminum. These are available in different sizes and are also customized with the required address and contact details. The total weight of the cargo in the container will not exceed more than 500 Kg.

This type of shipping has become very popular in the Middle East, mainly due to its cost effectiveness and security. It also allows the owners to safely bring their cargoes between the Persian Gulf and Europe and Asia without having to use the sea or air freight facilities. When you hire a freight forwarder from Emal, you can be sure of safe and timely delivery of your cargo to the desired destination.

There are many freight services available online that can help you to arrange your freight needs at convenient time intervals. You can make use of the Internet to search for service providers who can send your goods to any part of the world. You will just have to pay them a one-time fee, and you can have the goods delivered at your doorstep. These service providers will make sure to deliver your goods within the stipulated time limit.

Most of these services have free shipping services for your cargoes, and you will not have to worry about extra charges such as customs fees and other charges. Your freight forwarder will even help you to decide on the best carrier for your cargo. With all these services available at the fingertips of everyone, there is no need for you to go anywhere for your cargo needs. You can have your goods shipped right at your doorsteps.