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EMAL stands for Emotional Management, and the acronym was born out of the department of communication at Lincoln University. Students began to use the term after a few weeks. This article will explain the process and what it means to a student. It also explains how EMAL works, and how it can be useful for student organizations. There are a number of pros and cons to EMAL, but its main purpose is to promote better communication and better leadership skills in a team setting.


While the school does use other slogans to communicate with fans, EMAL is not used in any official communications. The Athletics Department cites its marketing strategy for not using the acronym, and has never even used the word “Lady Lutes” in official communication. While the decision to exclude EMAL is likely based on marketing, Turner says the issues extend beyond its use in marketing. Unlike other athletics departments, Pacific Lutheran has been more consistent in using its other slogans.

EMAL is an acronym for Every Man A Lute. Its name stands for “every man a lute.” This slogan was created by Frosty Westering, who used the philosophy for 30 years. EMAL promotes unity among teammates, and has helped elevate Frosty to one of the top coaches in college football. However, some people have argued that the EMAL philosophy is exclusionary. The PLU football team credited Frosty’s coaching style as a big reason for its success.

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