Emporio Argencia Shipping

September 23, 2021 By Admingalak Off

The main trade route for Emal is the Hualal Bay, connecting Haifa in Israel to Emal Port in Egypt. The ships carrying cargo to and from Emal Port are mainly vessels and yachts. However, there are also trucks, car-hire and bus services that regularly make journeys from Haifa to Emal. The total annual amount of exports and imports to and from Emal port is about $2.5 billion.

The vessels normally used to transport cargoes are bigger than usual tankers and can carry heavier goods. For instance, the largest ship in this group, the Noble Ark, is able to carry about twice the weight of normal tankers. There are other such large ships which have had their names renewed or re-named because of their long-lasting service to the shipping industry. For instance, the Ayala, the former name of the El Faro, is now the Al Mamzar. These ships have delivered cargoes to Haifa as well as to many destinations in Europe and Asia.

However, the main bulk of cargoes is still carried by the smaller ship types. The Yacht Advantages ( yacht transport services ) include trips to Haifa via the Persian Gulf, but also to Hurghada, Quseir and Acre. Other advantages include trips to Taghazout in Morocco and the East Cape. The ship also takes part in the trade in gadgets, computers, musical instruments, clothing, leather goods, automobiles, tobacco and precious stones. There are also activities like diving, snorkeling, fishing and sailing.

One of the most important sources of income for Emal is through the sales of its cargoes. There are various authorized agents all over the country who promote these products. They organize visits and seminars, offer exhibitions and distribute literature on the various aspects of this business. They also keep track of all the papers related to the export and import of cargoes. The Emal authorities issue export permits and import licenses.

One of the major problems in this regard is that the vessels transporting the cargoes may not be in good working condition. So, it is very important to check the records of the vessel before it is hired. Further, the safety of the goods being transported is another major concern. For instance, the cargo of arms may need to be properly declared. The documentation regarding the carrier, the mode of packing, the quantity, the name of exporter and the exporter’s warehouse in the country need to be collected.

The shipper has to obtain an export permit from the concerned ministry. This has to be produced to the customs department during the time of shipment. The shipper has to give a record of all the exports and imports, the freight details, the destination of shipment, the mode of transport, the name of his company and contact person and the date of delivery.