How to Protect Yourself From Malicious Electronic Messages (Spam)

September 16, 2021 By Admingalak Off

The first shipment of Emal ready to launch products was accepted on December the first day of 2021 and was received on schedule and on time by the various customers and exporters. The delivery of the first units to the shipping terminal in the United Arab Emirates took place successfully. The signed contract covers all the logistics and handling operations for both the domestic production and the eventual delivery of the finished goods from Emal factory to the port of Khalifa in Egypt.


The milestone FHM marking the commencement of commercial production for the first phase of production for aluminium alloy used in aircraft, trucks, buses, boats and automobiles, marks a big achievement by email and the whole industry. The major work involved in this process was Emaal’s sourcing of required raw materials and building the plant using high quality materials and innovative mechanical systems. This set the stage for the introduction of the individual request for bid (IRB) system, which is currently in use at all international levels. The major IRB feature includes the facility for the exporter to make a custom request for specifications in terms of quantity, vendor, specifications, fuel type and other important factors.

On the other hand, an interesting development in the Middle East is the growth of companies specializing in traditional camel trading from Emal. The Lady Lute Company, for example, established in 2021, has been very successful in producing traditional camel instruments, which are highly valued by local traders in the area. The company has its main facility at Al-Uldeenah, with local production units at Emal and Sharm el Sheikh. Lady Lute Company has been awarded many national and international awards and continues to expand its business both regionally and internationally. Its main clients are mainly Egypt, United Arab Emirates and Jordan.

Another small scale company involved in camel and camel industry is Khayyam Contractor Company that has its main operations at al-Hassan, Emal. Khayyam Contractor Company produces a wide range of camel accessories, ranging from laces to bags to head-gear at their factory located at el-Shouqafa, Emal. Although not directly related to the Lady Lute Company, Khayyam Contractor Company also makes traditional camel instruments. A notable product is their “Dabou” which is a famous tool for building camels with the traditional touch of a master smith.

An interesting feature to some of the email messages that I have received recently is one where a recipient sends an email message to one sender, stating that they received a message from the sender, but the sender address contained an invalid user name or password. Immediately after sending the message, the recipient clicks on “mail to” and is presented with a list of email addresses that they already know. The email addresses are in the form of a jpeg image file. Upon selecting one, the reader is asked to click on “open” to upload the image and see the message in question. On several occasions, these messages have contained viruses and malware such as viruses that install harmful software onto computers upon receipt of the message.

In order to avoid having such messages appear in your email inbox, it is important to ensure that all messages that you send contain the proper subject lines and that you enter a valid user name and password in your email messages. You should also ensure that you check your spam and junk mail folders periodically to ensure that your emails do not continue to be sent to the same sender address. Lastly, make sure to check the “spam” and “junk” folders regularly. If you find a message that you think may be spam or contains a virus attached to it, you can usually report the message by clicking the “Report Spam Filter” icon, which is located in the lower-right corner of your web browser.