Setting up Gmail for Android Users

September 8, 2021 By Admingalak Off


Setting up Gmail for Android Users

Gmail is a free e-mail service offered by Google. As of late, it has 1.5 billion daily active users world-wide. Typically, a person uses Gmail in either the web browser or its official mobile app. Google also supports the use of Gmail clients via the IMAP and POP protocols. With this wide usage, many questions have been raised as to the suitability of Gmail in terms of business communication.

Google has introduced two features in its Gmail service – Google Search Bar and Google Contacts. The Search Bar allows users to conduct general searches that pull up all the mails that are associated with a particular keyword. This is very helpful for those who are searching for information on any kind of topic. This search bar is present in all versions of the Gmail service. It is not possible for gmail users to change this setting.

On the other hand, Google Contacts allows users to store contact details in a single place, allowing them to search for and open email messages from their contacts. It also provides canned responses when the user responds to an email message. However, this setting is not available in the web browser version of gmail. Only the android app version of gmail allows for this setting.

As another feature of Gmail, it allows users to organize their inbox by folders. This helps them to locate a specific message faster as they can easily find it out depending on the type of folder it is stored in. In addition to this, Gmail also allows for the storage of images. These images can be uploaded to external storage devices and sent to other gmail account users or via group message.

Gmail for android offers two additional storage capacities that are not available in the web version of the application. One of these is the internal gmail storage which can be increased by creating an upload folder within gmail. Another is the external gmail storage that can be added via an external storage device such as a USB stick. Both these storage capacities are limited by the size of the device. Furthermore, both types of storage are used exclusively for local and personal email storage, and not for sharing the emails with others.

In the web interface of gmail, you will see a “Gmail Account Settings” button where you can select whether you want to use the built-in storage capacity or upload the external storage capacity from your device. The “Gmail Account Settings” button also allows you to manage the user name for the gmail account. Last but not least, the “Settings” tab has various options including the language and region settings for the Android device. All the settings are configured per user profile.