The Broken Relationship Behind Emal’s Staircase

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The Broken Relationship Behind Emal’s Staircase

When Emal woke up one day and found out that her older half was marrying a younger man, she was so sad and angry. She had been looking forward to her wedding for so long and it just all seemed so unreal. How could this happen? Why didn’t his parents agree that it was the best thing for their son? Why was he such a gentleman when he never took any of their calls or went on any dates with them?

He gave her an earful about all the good and bad qualities of the man he was going to marry. The only things she really listened to were what he had to say. No matter how much he tried to listen she could feel his thoughts slipping away. He told her he loved her a lot but that he loved a lot of things and most of them were rather silly. When he wasn’t talking about himself he talked about his friends and she realized he never cared about her.

Emal began to cry and she wanted desperately to comfort him. He wanted her to talk to anyone else but she ignored him. After she got off the phone one day, she asked him if he had been keeping in touch with her. He said no but she could sense from the tone of her voice that he hadn’t. That was when she found out that Emal wasn’t the only girl he was fooling around with.

There had been many women who had fallen for Emal but none of them had dared tell him because of his reputation. In fact Emal was quite worried that someone might have heard their conversations. There was a woman who lived across the street and she was his best friend. They had gone on several dates together but when they broke up, he told her she was his wife. She started to worry because she knew that there were other women out there just as crazy as her.

One day when Emal went out to lunch with some of his closest friends, his phone rang but he didn’t answer it. Then the friend announced that he would like to make a call on his behalf. When Emal’s friends asked him why he hadn’t answered the phone he said he didn’t know who the woman was.

They all laughed at him and then one of them said to him “You see Emal you have your own problems. You need to get your head sorted out because you are not doing yourself any favours by hanging around with these people. If you are happy going back to them then I am sure you will listen to me.” With that, Emal finally decided to kick his bad habits once and for all.