The EMAL Slogan at Pacific Lutheran University

May 1, 2022 By Admingalak Off

The EMAL slogan isn’t new to PLU. Founded in 1922, it was meant to teach stand-up men about community service and leadership. Although the term has become synonymous with athletics at the university, it’s still a controversial topic. The Athletics Department is not using EMAL in official communications, though it is still incorporated in other slogans. Although it is largely considered a marketing tool, Turner feels that EMAL is an exclusionary term.

A recent tweet by the Department of Athletics at Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) has raised awareness for the Bjug Harstad Day of Giving. It featured a picture of a football player sporting a paper Bjug Harstad beard. In the caption, the team emphasized that the PLU football practice jersey contained a large blurry streak where the acronym EMAL was printed. Parker Smith, a senior at PLU, commented first on the tweet, asking why the acronym had been blurred out. His post has gained 37 retweets and 86 likes. His tweet has made the Athletics Department’s omission a point to consider.