What Does the EMAL Meaning of “Girl” Mean?

September 20, 2021 By Admingalak Off

Every day at least one Emmal does something to brighten up our day for just a little while… We know that he can do this because he always comes home from school in a bright red and green truck, which is his sign for police and fire trucks. So when he gets here he does his thing and then gets sent back to school in a bright pink truck, which is his sign for the school nurse. When he is sad he is normally sad and if he is smiling he is almost smiling and if he is sleeping he is probably sleeping and he is very happy when he wakes up and is on his way home from school with all the other kids out in the neighborhood playing with their new toys. Emal always wants to be a great friend and she’s always trying her best when even other people tell her that she’s not a very good friend and pretty but a good friend…


The emal meaning of “bad” is “ignorant”. She is so ignorant about so many things and that makes her so gullible and she can’t see the woods for the trees. When she sneezes, it usually starts up in another subject and she’s just going on about the weather and how cold it is outside and how wet it is in her apartment and how cold it is in her car… she just mumbles about everything without making any sense and yet she talks like that all day long.

One of the most popular emal meaning of “bad” is “ignorant of what? The emal full form of “bad” is “ignorant of what she looks like”. I guess that she doesn’t know who she really is because she has been pretending to be someone she isn’t really in reality. She is just like a fraud because she’s been copying the way she looks and sounds.

I mean she really acts like she’s a girl next door yet she looks so much older than she really is and isn’t really any girl at all. She acts young and that probably has to do with being the only white girl in the school and having the grades to back up what she claims to be. So she pretends to be someone else and that’s why she’s been doing so well. She also has really bad aim when it comes to dating and is always going out with losers. She would probably do a better job if she would start dating more often and become more interesting and perhaps even intelligent.

The emal meaning of “girl” is “a person who is beautiful”. She is a complete package and just about the only girl that he could ever hope to meet. He is so hopelessly in love with her that he would do anything for her, which really means anything to him. She is his dream girl and that is why he will do anything to protect her and make sure she stays with him.

Emal would do anything for him, even if it means hurting somebody else to get her way. If you ever really want to understand what this guy is really thinking, then you need to start asking questions and maybe leave him alone for a while. Maybe even start thinking as if he wants you, instead of him. Then maybe he will get a little curious and wonder what you are really doing in your life. Then he would really begin to admire you.