What Is The Meaning Of “EMAL”?

October 29, 2021 By Admingalak Off

The literal meaning of EMAL acronym is `Education, management and leadership` in education. It is a program which is designed by the Dubai Government and aims at promoting education, management and leadership in education for children. The main aim of the program is to improve the quality of education system in the emirate and also in turn, build an eco system. The key components of the program are teaching of values and goals, better use of technology in education, involvement of children in different aspects of learning, and last but not the least, the development and maintenance of child friendly environment.


The program is designed in such a way that it encourages and guides the parents to take good care of the education of their wards in an efficient manner. The main key concept behind the creation of emal is the involvement of all stakeholders in educational arena. This includes the parents, educators, guardians, teachers, students, guardians, and medical professionals. Since the main aim of the program is to build an eco system, the entire education ministry and all the relevant departments are involved in the overall direction and development of the program. At the same time, there is an increased role of administrators and counselors in the program.

One can derive the emal definition from other acronyms as well. For instance AIDA is the acronym for Alcohol, Drug and Violence. It is an acronym for Alcohol Hussain, Education and Protection. In the same way AIDA can be read as Active Age, Active Disability, Armed Forces, Early Childhood Development and Employment. The meaning full form of the emal definition is “Prevention, Integration, Demobilization and Return” in education.

There are many school in Dubai which have adopted the full form of the emal acronym. In fact, all schools which are registered with the government departments will have applied the full form of the education ministry’s guidelines on the Education Ministry’s website. It is a good practice to look up the website of the ministry of education of your country for applying the full meaning of the emal abbreviation. However, the full form of the emal abbreviation may not be available in every English speaking country. You may have to look up your country’s language to apply the full meaning.

There are also several dictionaries which are available with the use of the internet which give an alternate meaning of the emal acronym. In fact, most of the dictionaries which have the online versions of the dictionaries give the online version of the emal meaning in their literal meanings. There are even sites on the internet which provides the meaning of the emal abbreviation in a full form along with the translation and explain their meaning in Arabic. On the contrary, some websites provide the meaning of the emal acronym in a full form as well as the translation and explain their meaning in Arabic.

Although there is no specific law which defines the meaning of the emal meaning, it has been perceived by many governments, non-governmental organizations, and educational institutions that education should include the curriculum which includes the knowledge of the meaning of the emal meaning. Hence, all the educational materials, including books, stationery, lesson plans, handouts, and other teaching materials should give a clear and detailed information about the emal meaning. This will help students in learning about the Arabic culture and history. This will also make them learn about different civilizations which have left their mark in the world. In addition to that, they should be able to understand and learn the different levels of the education. Hence, an appropriate teaching material should be given in order to give them a clear and complete education.