Why Investing in Aluminum Fabrication Is a Profitable Option

August 6, 2021 By Admingalak Off

Emal is the main producer of water-borne aluminum alloys in the Middle East. The full signed agreement details all the transportation logistics and handling operations for the completed products from Emal factory to the shipping port of call for the final delivery to the final destination. The milestone FHM mark the beginning of manufacturing for the second phase, which is aiming towards a full production of over 1.3 million tons of aluminum a year, as it moves towards a full commercial production.


As part of the negotiation process, the total production capacity of Emal should be determined and approved by the Management and the Board of Directors of Emal. The current production figures of Emal Aluminum are close to half a million tons of aluminum a year, which is the second largest amount after China. This is the reason why many companies are investing in production capabilities of Emal. This company produces quality metal alloys, which have excellent features and unmatched performance.

Alumina, a leading metal fabricator and importer in the Middle East, has signed an agreement with Emaar for the manufacture of water-borne aluminum products. The production will take place at the Emaar factory site in Dubai. It is anticipated to start producing the high quality metal components for engines, valves, pumps and other heating and cooling components starting in the fourth quarter of 2021. The increased production will help to increase the revenues and profits of Emal considerably.

The increase in the production is a result of the need for water borne aluminum components in applications where high quality and low cost are required. These components are used in applications such as valves for refrigeration systems, valves for gas or oil platforms, electrical panels and control panels, military applications, automotive components, space satellites, telecommunications satellites and the like. A major portion of the aluminum market is located in Asia, particularly in India, which accounts for almost two-thirds of the world’s aluminum production. By investing in Emaar, Alumina can supply customers with high quality aluminum parts in a competitive price environment.

The investment will be beneficial for Alumina customers as the company continues to expand globally. It has been able to sustain its production levels despite the global economic crisis and continues to grow profit despite the competition from suppliers who are reducing their prices. By investing in Emaar, Alumina can ensure that it remains a competitive player and ensures its market share for metal fabricators.

The increase in the demand for metallic components is expected to continue as the metal continues to improve. Other than aluminium, another important metal which has been making a significant contribution to the industry is nickel. The demand for nickel and platinum is increasing as well. Apart from these, silver and gold are also used for a variety of applications. With increasing demand for metallic components, companies are finding it more challenging to source the raw materials required in the industry.