Why should every online casino adopt proven fair gambling

August 18, 2021 By Admingalak Off

Every online casino known to man should adopt the philosophy of provably fair gaming. The term itself probably makes logical sense for most gamblers. After all, other than a casino that has an edge of the house (which most people understand is part of betting on gambling sites), shouldn’t we all be able to assume that everything is regulated and fair? That every player has an equal chance of winning? And that in the long run the chances are always equalized (the edge of the house to the side)?

The reality is that the need to treat us fairly is programmed in our DNA as humans. That’s why many of us gamblers (and even those who don’t gamble) love sports. Not only do we love sports, we respect those who become champions. But only if they play by the rules. Win by playing outside the rules and everyone loses respect for the players.

Even before the existence of Bitcoin or blockchain technology, most players who sign up for a properly regulated gambling venue, and even those who enter a casino, expect to be treated with a certain amount of fairness. Most discerning gamblers know that while roulette offers the worst odds of any casino table game, one should expect to get a certain percentage of the time. Yet the average gambler never sees the powers that set all the rules and set all the odds. I can never hold the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain responsible for the way the deck is moved and moved, or the way the automaton turns.

Proven fair play on Bitcoin sites that use blockchain technology is a way to take the wizard behind the curtain and show players that they are being treated fairly.

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What is provable fair gambling?
The concept of provably fair gambling really refers to an algorithm that is a random outcome that takes place in any given casino or board game. The algorithm can be checked and analyzed for fairness by the gambling operator. This means that at any given time, players or independent auditors can look at every turn of roulette and see that the algorithm algorithm truly randomly selects how many times the ball has landed on black versus red. They can see that any deck mixing is also fair. It basically removes the likelihood that anyone working for a casino could virtually manipulate anything.

How Blockchain Affects
Bitcoin casinos that truly believe in this technology naturally use blockchain to store data from their provably fair game algorithms. This way, if players ever asked to look at the outcomes, they could do so very easily. To be fair, traditional operators like Bodog don’t have to bother to say their provably fair. They are expected to be fair because of their branding and because they act with the approval of traditional governments (although governments located on coastal islands, but still, governments nonetheless).

Keep in mind that many in the Bitcoin community want to be without a government, so players on a Bitcoin-specific gambling site, such as crypto-games.net, are more likely to trust the algorithm and data stored on the blockchain than individuals or government.

That’s why these provably fair websites state the outcome of every turn of the wheel just below the gaming space itself. They usually show you the individual’s username, the bet they placed, how much they won or lost, and what the winning number of spins is for example. This makes it crystal clear to everyone who the winners and losers are, and in the long run a lot of spins will show what the edge of the house is and all the math succeeds. That’s what fair play should prove to be.

How to spot a proven fair place to gamble
Before you dare to find the fairest gambling spots in the entire crypto country, keep in mind that there is an easy way to find them. First of all, Google has proven fair play. Second, search individual gambling sites to check their fair play rules.

These rules will explain exactly how they collect data, how they ensure randomized outcomes, and how users can review the data to check for honesty themselves. Each website may have unique nuances in its approach, but the goal is the same. To ensure that all players are treated fairly and that everyone has an equal chance of winning.