About Emal – A Company That Promotes and Manufactures Musical Instruments

August 14, 2021 By Admingalak Off

Emal is a versatile steel manufacturing facility, located in the United Arab Emirates. The main aim of the facility is to produce high quality steel bars, pipelines, tubes and other structural elements. It is able to meet the requirements of numerous customers, in countries such as Australia, Brazil, China, India, Malaysia, North America and South Korea. Emal’s primary products are pipeline sections, which include eastern and western pipelines, as well as north and south poles sections.


In addition to this, the company is involved in the manufacture and supply of official communications, like corporate Formica and custom printed forum caps. The Emal factory also manufactures a wide range of accessories, such as lady lutes. These lutes are crafted to emulate the traditional African violets. In fact, Emal manufactures the highest quality lutes in the entire world.

Lady lutes from Emal are made using the traditional tanning process, by hand. The tanning process is said to preserve the natural colour of the lute, and provide it with rich colour and tone. The process does not affect the quality of the metal, but leaves the lutes with a slightly glossy finish. During the manufacturing phase, krose said emal uses traditional methods of kiln-tinting, rather than thermal tinting.

Emal is currently only processing steel bars and pipelines and is planning to expand its manufacturing. “We see great demand in Asia, and now with the internet it is easier than ever to access customers from all over the world”, said westering. With the increasing number of orders, the company is expanding its staff and manufacturing capacity in order to meet future demands.

Many independent music retailers have been in contact with Emal over the years. Many have enjoyed both the quality and the unique design of the Emal instruments. “We get requests on a daily basis from new customers who want to buy a single or dual electric”, said Scott westering. “They love the idea of being able to send their own instruments from overseas”.

It is important to remember that email does not directly sell instruments. Their main business is in manufacturing and export of products. For this reason, if you are interested in buying any of their instruments, be sure to check out their website first.

As with any international company, shipping charges may apply. In some cases, delivery can take up to three months. The company does offer express shipping for an extra fee. Before ordering, you should also ask about warranties and returns. Unfortunately, no details are given on these details on the company’s website itself.

Prices do vary, depending on the brand and type of instrument. This can mean hundreds of dollars for a classical guitar to only two or three hundred dollars for an acoustic. Some companies like Tobermory will ship internationally for free. If you cannot find the right price online, many local music stores carry Emal instruments.