Backlinks VS Organic Traffic – The Difference Between Them

October 8, 2021 By Admingalak Off

Backlinks are important for the search engine ranking of your site. The more backlinks you have pointing at your site, the higher up in the search engine rankings your site will appear. Backlinks can either be natural (links from other websites) or artificial (for example paid for in bulk). Natural backlinks are quite valuable because they come from other sites that want to promote your site. However, the main disadvantage of natural backlinks is that they take time to generate.


Artificial backlinks are much faster to create and they tend to be much more targeted in their linking. Generally speaking, an anchor text backlink is simply a text link that links to another website. For example, if I write a blog post and submit it to a blog directory, then that link will count towards my page ranking. If I do this for several weeks or months, then over time my site will begin to climb in the rankings. This is called “organic” or “one-way” backlinks.

The next question is how do you get quality backlinks? One way is by submitting your content to free article directories. Many people think that if they post an article to an article directory, then the directory itself has a lot to do with its page ranking. It does, but it isn’t the whole story. The directory may just be an authority site that attracts visitors who then post their own articles to the directory, which leads back to me. Therefore, the quality backlinks you acquire through article submission are ultimately pretty much irrelevant when it comes to your page ranking.

Another way that you can get quality backlinks is by checking backlinks using the Google web page search console. When you click on “gear” at the top of the page search console, you will see a list of categories and subcategories. You will also see your backlinks under each category or subcategory. You can click on the link you want to check in order to see what the page itself looks like. To me, this process seems more complicated than it really is.

A backlink from a completely non-related site won’t help your ranking at all. This is because Google uses a nofollow feature on most links. This means that Google only sees the link if it actually connects to the website in question. For example, if I had written an article about dog training, and linked to my dog training website, Google would not have seen my link and would not count it as a backlink since it had nofollowing.

What you really need are backlinks from quality websites with high PR that have something to do with your niche. The process of building organic traffic is relatively simple and effective when done properly. You must remember to check backlinks periodically and do what SEO experts say: Do not let bad SEO drives your web page ranking to low levels! If you follow these principles, you will be able to build organic traffic, and it won’t cost you a penny!